Our Product & Who we are


Our Product

We seek out the finest nutritional, natural, and organic products on earth. Aromatic teas or infusions should be a whole experience, not just a unique brand name with artificially enhanced flavor. That is why we are driven to take you through a fantastic journey, from the moment you open the package to the last bite of our natural, energizing, cleansing, immune-boosting, serenity-giving fruits, herbs, and spices that make up our products, unlike no others.

Our raw ingredients are acquired from remote and exotic areas. They are grown by native communities from Central and South America's rainforest regions. They are sowed, cultivated, and harvested with all the charm of ancient traditions and the best inputs to guarantee a differentiated natural product. Our partnership with these farmers allows the self-sustainable development of the region's remote communities.

Join us in offering you a visual, aromatic, and full-tasting experience through our 100% natural teas & infusions. All you need to do is open one of our produce bags and dive into a healthy new way of enjoying your tea.


Our purpose is to transform people's lives by nourishing their bodies and spirits through the consumption of natural super products while contributing to the development of disadvantaged local communities.

Core Values

Our values begin with our products. Though we work with small, rural farming communities, we vet our producers to ensure we deliver high-quality ingredients you can trust. Our success will be tied directly to our service, which is why we will always work towards ensuring outstanding customer experience through our staff's enthusiasm to serve you better daily.

We support small underprivileged farming communities so that we can help them grow and develop without losing sight of responsible environmental practices. We do this guided by the following principles: Transparency, Integrity, Trust, Honesty, and Social Responsibility.

Our Promise

We value and prioritize the health and well-being of people.

Life is a natural gift. Therefore it is within us to help preserve it. 

This is why our focus will always be to provide a variety of natural, highly nutritional products that are unmatched and unsurpassed in quality for the well-being of your body, mind, and Life is a natural gift. Therefore it is within us to help preserve it.