Our founders


Unemployed after 19 years with the same company, two months into an unknown pandemic, and with 2-month-old twins. Andrea felt she had to re-invent herself; she knew right away whatever she was going to offer had to be healthy, nutritiously rich, and great tasting.
Unable to drink her morning coffee while undergoing fertility treatment in her native Bogota, Colombia, she recalled having delicious fresh fruit infusions, which is partly how ILLA TEA was born.

Now in the Driver’s seat of her own company, she wishes to share this fantastic and many other nutritiously rich products from the most fertile lands considered the superfoods Pantry of earth, the Amazon rain forest.
I want to share all these unique products with everyone, all-natural products that my children and their generations would be proud of consuming without adversely affecting their health.


I recall my early barefooted walks from home to the beach during my childhood with friends in search of sound waves, excursions through the coastal mountains of Peru, and hikes throughout the Western Slopes of the US. These moments with nature were always accompanied by fruit: a couple of tangerines in hand as we made our way to the Ocean, an apple, pear, orange, or plum in my backpack as we hiked with friends.

With twins on their way and losing 80% of our business to a pandemic, we had to renew ourselves. The plan became clear: let's pursue something that will enrich our children and everyone who consumes our product. Let's provide a natural, healthy, quality product that will make us proud and benefit those who consume it.


Characteristic smells that have been impregnated in my memory conquered every corner of my home. I remember, with nostalgia and joy, how my parents always wanted to provide us with the best nutrients to see us grow healthy and robust, an arduous and careful task in a family of 11 siblings. Our parents would always make an effort so that breakfasts, fruits, herbal infusions, and all the natural products were always present at our family table.
Unforgettable moments and aromas transport me in my imagination through the living room of my house. I see my mother serving us some infusion or fruit water. She would gather us to talk in the center of the table, with the hot liquid that helped us fight the harsh, cold, and humid winters in Lima. Perhaps that passion and eternal love, with which my parents fed us and ensured our well-being, are the force that motivates me to be part of this project.

I feel that I am continuing the teachings of my parents by providing health and well-being to all the people that consume our products.

I am proud to be part of this venture which provides a product that is natural and artisanal with excellent benefits and properties, planted and harvested in one of the most exotic areas of the planet: The Amazon Rainforest. We invite you to enjoy a new natural way of life and experience the ILLA way of LIVING..!!!!


Our parents' desire has always been to give us a healthy, natural, and nutritious diet. ILLA was born with this same desire. We want to offer and make available delicious and exotic products from the majestic rainforest with all their benefits and natural properties. Our Special Production Team has worked meticulously in choosing the first products, a difficult task given the immense quantity and variety of superfoods this area offers, thanks to its cozy climate and productive lands.

Please allow us to introduce an excellent product that we put at your disposal today, with the assurance that when you taste and savor it, whether alone, amongst family, or with friends, it will be a unique and memorable experience for you. With love, gratitude, and appreciation, we dedicate this venture to our dear mothers: ELENA AND VICTORIA.