Our story

This idea was born, when two dear friends meet again after almost 35 years without knowing about each other, we were invaded by the memories of our childhood and adolescence, we vividly remembered the warmth of home and the affectionate love and care of our mothers and grandmothers who are painfully no longer with us.

In that world of memories we coincided when they prepared and made us taste their delicious aromatic made of herbs and fruits, whose fragrance and aromas invaded every corner of the house with those exquisite flavors, we were reminded of spent moments of unforgettable family talks.

The desire of our parents has always been to give us a healthy, natural and nutritious diet. ILLA was born with this same desire. We want to offer and make known to the world the delicious and exotic products with all their benefits and natural properties. These are carefully sown and harvested in the enigmatic and fruitful lands of South America, cradle of the majestic Empire of the Incas, thus narrowing and connecting the ancestral Andean, Coastal and Jungle communities, whose abundant products have been recognized worldwide as the richest Superfoods on Earth.


LEO (left) JOSE (right) 

Our Special Production Team has worked meticulously in choosing the first products, a difficult task given the immense quantity and variety of superfoods that this area offers, thanks to its cozy climate and productive lands.

It was Leo's wife who re-discovered the lost AROMATIC’s of our childhood memories in one trip to her native and beautiful Colombia, which we now bring to your homes. Please allows us to introduce an excellent product that we put at your disposal today, with the assurance that when you taste and savor it, whether it is alone, amongst family or friends, it will be a unique and special experience for you as well.

With love, gratitude and appreciation to our dear mothers:


We bring to you, ILLA TEA

    Illa Tea's founders. Leo (right) Jose (left)
Leo and Jose (Founders of ILLA Superfoods)