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The bells at 8:00 am.

The bells at 8:00 am.

Autor: José Luis Díaz

Illa Superfoods founder


It was mi first days in school...

the ones I remember with great joy and a lot of nostalgia at the same time. Those moments in which we were fearful and began to be independent, as we would get away from our parents for a few hours, but later meet again as a family, during El Lonche (which is not the same as Lunchtime here in the States) we gathered around the table, all 13 members of the family! And yes, I know what you are thinking, "my parents didn't watch TV." 

I'm not sure if it was an advantage, that my school was located very close to my house, so, so close that we could hear the sound of "The 8:00 am bells", which communicated it was time to head out, the class was about to begin and the doors would close soon. You see, in Perú schools close at a certain time and they won't open back up until school time is over, which is typically 3:00 pm. Imagine arriving late to school, the irresponsibility that it meant for me as a child. For this reason, every single school morning, my parents would remind us all, especially me: "It's going to be eight o'clock."
Understandably so, because in a house of thirteen with everyone getting ready for work, school, or college, we all still had to bathe, put on our uniform, shine our shoes, and have breakfast. I, in particular, did everything with enthusiasm and promptness, so that I could allow myself some extra time to do what I loved best, indulge on my weakness, fruits at breakfast. I loved the flavor and loved playing with them in my mouth, so that I could make that flavor last for a while, this last stage was perhaps the one that took me the longest at the table. I enjoyed and made this moment so long that, till this day, I can hear my parents saying that famous phrase: "It's going to be eight o'clock" while simultaneously hearing in my head the sound of the bells at 8 am. They echo imaginatively in my ears. Now, at this point in my life, unconsciously when I see that It's going to be 8:00 am on my watch, I say, "It's late, soon the Bells of 8 am will be ringing" but then I wonder why.

This passage in my life instilled in me, the value of punctuality, and the importance of being on time. I also wonder how without realizing it at the time, the unconscious love for fruit, healthy eating and superfoods, became a central axis of a nutritious diet for me. As I would hear my mom say, a person's life is on the table.

Eternally grateful to my parents: Victor and Victoria.

- Sincerely,




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